Alexa App Setup

Alexa App Setup

Download & Install the Alexa app from the app store, Sign into the Alexa app with your Amazon account details. Follow the steps on Alexa app to complete the Amazon Alexa setup & get your Echo working.
Alexa app for smartphone

Alexa App For Smartphone

You can easily Download & install Alexa app on all Android and iPhone smartphone devices from their respective app stores. Follow the steps on the Alexa app to Setup your Amazon Alexa device.
Download Alexa app

Alexa App for Mac

Alexa is available on Windows, Mac computers and laptop Devices. Access the Alexa app on computer or mac Setup your Echo by visiting the

Alexa app download is the foremost step to install the Echo device. Although you can install the Alexa app on your mobile phone even if you do not own the Echo device. Knowing the Alexa Skills and enabling them after installing the Alexa app will make you multitasking. Just say the ‘Wake’ word Alexa and ask Alexa app to Play your playlist, setting a customized playlist for the morning Alarm, asking Echo to guard the home, making and updating grocery list, controlling the smart home appliances, scheduling routines and to-do lists, setting the timer, asking if you need an umbrella if it is raining and much more. Just download the Alexa app from your device app store or installing it from httpss// or in a web browser.

Alexa app controls all the user voice commands, functions, and tasks given to the Amazon echo. It helps us in streaming music, videos, playing audiobooks, and performing home automation tasks by controlling all smart devices of our house along with their functions. But, before that, we have to download the Alexa app and connect it with our Amazon Echo with the help of internet wifi after signing in with Amazon account.

Easy Steps to Download Alexa App for Echo

To download the Alexa app visit the app store on a compatible device. Or open httpss// or in a web browser. Now type Amazon Alexa app and choose to install it. Select open the app and follow on-screen prompts.


Download Alexa App

  • Launch the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for the “Amazon Alexa app” in the search bar of your App Store. Alternatively, you can download the Alexa app from also.
  • Now, Just tap on the “Enter” button.
  • You will now get the “Amazon Alexa App” result. There you see the “Install” button on its right side.
  • Tap on the “Install” button. Now, Open Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Enter the Username and Password of your Amazon account. That will take you to log in to the Alexa app.
  • Now, You can start your Echo dot setup by going to the “navigational menu”. That is under the Alexa app. You can see that on the left side of your Echo App screen. Choose the” Add device” option.
  • You can see all instructions on your Alexa app. Follow these commands to finish the Echo setup.

Alexa app is also on

Do you know other than accessing Alexa app from the APp store you can also download the Alexa app from This is a simple and direct official URL of

While downloading and installing Alexa app on your smartphones like Android and iPhone, if you face any issue. Then open or httpss// as an alternate method to setup Amazon Echo. This method is applicable to Android,iPhone, or Windows computers. Open any web browser and type httpss// or

In a few seconds, will open. It will ask you to enter Amazon Alexa login. That to open your Amazon Alexa account. Now You can move forward with the Alexa Setup. Fill in the username and password of your Amazon echo Account in the corresponding fields. Then click on the” Sign in” button. Then in the next step, add your Echo device in the Alexa app to further setup Amazon Echo. Now follow on-screen prompts. Later Connect Alexa to wifi to complete the setup.

The Alexa app is so popular for its versatility. Download the Alexa app on various smart devices like Android smartphones, iPhones, iPad, tablets, Windows PC et. Just visit your device’s app store and search for the Amazon Alexa app and install it.

If you want to Setup your Amazon Echo without downloading the Alexa app. Then, You can simply visit the Microsoft store from your windows PC. And then start the Alexa app download after searching for it in the search bar at the right top of your Microsoft store screen.

Alexa skills

With the Alexa app performs numerous tasks at the same time. Your Amazon Echo can play music, create shopping lists, read the latest news updates, current events, trends, Mange timers and alarms, set reminders, Make todo list, Make phone calls, send messages, view & edit shopping lists, etc just with your voice command. Say ‘Wake’ word and alert the Alexa app to perform your tasks. All these are possible with our Amazon Echo with the help of the Alexa app.

getting started with Alexa skills

Already installed the Alexa app on your smartphone device. Now you know that you can carry any day to day tasks with the help of the Alexa app. Perform even those tasks when you are not around your Amazon Alexa device. Like, Ask Alexa Echo to guard the home when you are away. Alexa app will alert you when it senses any activity in your home. Alexa app is compatible and works perfectly with all Amazon Echo device variants launched by Amazon.

Now add and enable popular and recommended Alexa skills in your Alexa app. This is quite easy. Open httpss// or OR go to the smart skills and games option available in the main menu of the Amazon Echo app. In the app search for the skills that you want and add by choosing the option Enable button. Also, consider checking skills’ review and star ratings

In case, if skills ask you to sign in then sign into it and follow on-screen prompts. If that does not then skills are successfully added to your Echo app.

How to Download Alexa App for iPhone?

Generally, iOS users can easily download the Alexa app on their iPhone & iPad from the Apple app store. But, they need to have at least 11.0 or advanced ios version running on their iPhone to use all Alexa app features.

A fast internet connection and Amazon account are also required for the fast Alexa app iPhone setup. If you have these three things at their right place. Then, you can easily download the Alexa app on your iPhone.

Install Alexa Application For iPhone

  • Launch the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
  • Type in the “Amazon Alexa” in the Apple App Store’s search bar.
  • Click on Tap on the “Enter” button.
  • Now, you will get the “Amazon Alexa app” icon and the “download” option next to it.
  • You can tap on the “Download” option to download and install the Alexa app on your iPhone.
  • Open the installed Alexa app and sign-in to it by filling in the login details of your Amazon Alexa account. For example username and password.
  • After a second, you will see the home screen of your Alexa app.
  • Now, You can follow the prompts on your Alexa app and Setup your Amazon Echo by performing all the steps accurately.

Alternatively, you also access the Alexa web app in your web browser. Open the Alexa app in the web browser when your phone is not compatible with the Alexa app. Visit httpss// or for Alexa echo set up in the web browser and follow on-screen prompts.

How to Download Alexa App for Android?

You can Easily start the Alexa app android download on your smartphone. Just going to the google play store app and search for the “Alexa app”. But, if you want to run the Alexa app smoothly on your Android smartphone. Then, you will need to have an android 6.0 or greater version on your phone. Also, make sure to have good speed internet and an active Amazon account.

Download Alexa App For Android

  • Open the google play app store on your Android smartphone.
  • Type and search for the “Amazon Alexa” through its search box.
  • You will see the Amazon Alexa app and the” Install” button on its right side.
  • Hit the “Install” button. Then the Alexa app download will start on your android phone.
  • Tap on the Open button to launch it on your android phone after it’s installation.
  • Enter your Amazon Account’s sign-in details in the username and password fields. Later followed by tapping on the sign-in button available below.
  • Now, you can Setup new compatible echo devices, modify settings, Add smart home devices & smart skills in your Amazon Alexa app. Just follow instructions on your Android.

Most Common Amazon Alexa Problems

You might start to face multiple kinds of problems while downloading Alexa app on your phone. For example “the Alexa app is offline.” In most cases, this issue is related to wifi connectivity, sparse internet signals, and weak internet connectivity.

Another type of issue that Alexa Echo app users generally face is the critical error that pops up when users try to Download Alexa App For PC and play music. This issue arises when your Alexa app is not connected with its related music streaming services skills. Make sure your Amazon Alexa app is connected to Spotify, Pandora, and other music streaming skills before you play music.

The third most common problem that people face with their Echo app is their smartphone devices. Sometimes your smartphone device fails to detect the accessories connected with your Alexa app. In this case, You have to switch off or reboot your Amazon Echo and try to wake up your Alexa.

Whenever you face a problem in Downloading the Echo app on Desktop, Kindle, or Chromebook. Then, you can troubleshoot these issues by yourself via force-stopping or restarting the Alexa app.

Anyone can use the Amazon Alexa app; as it’s easy to use. You will just need to say a wake word to your Amazon Echo to activate it. You might also face some orange light issues on your Echo and Amazon app. If you want to Fix the orange light on Amazon Alexa, Then, you can restart your Echo and the Alexa app both.

Why my Amazon Alexa won’t turn on?

Alexa won't turn on

if you having a hard time with your Echo device when your Alexa is not turning on. Then check some steps that we have given below. Follow these steps and make your Alexa Turn on again:-

  • Is your device is getting power? Check if Amazon Alexa is pugged in power port. Also, the power adapted is connected with a power socket. See if the pin is securely connected to the power socket to put Echo turn on.
  • Always use the original Amazon’s Echo power adaptor. You can get it on additional or another brand adaptor can harm Alexa with power fluctuation output
  • Check if it is the power socket issue or Alexa echo issue. Do that by connecting Amazon Echo to another power socket in the house.
  • Sometimes your Alexa won’t turn on because either the power port or power adaptor or simply connecting wire is damaged or broken.
  • Open the circuit board with a screwdriver and check inside. Maybe Amazon echo’s circuit board is faulty or broken. Replace Alexa’s circuit board if needed.
  • If the above-mentioned tips do not work then consider a factory reset for your Echo device

How Does Alexa app setup Work


When you connect the Alexa app with the Amazon Echo speaker your device breathes with the app. Alexa helps the Amazon Echo speaker in performing all tasks. If you want to use Amazon Echo then connect the Echo with the Alexa app. As the device works efficiently with the app. Alexa application automates all the given tasks in time.

As Amazon Alexa app is powered with Artificial intelligence technology. So echo learns with time and usage like any human. This is the reason this app performs tasks and functions, routines, and daily routine tasks as per user demand. Although you can download and use the Alexa app as alone. But your Echo app works best with Amazon Echo smart speakers. But you need to install the Alexa app from the app store of your device or download the app from Then sign-in or log-in from your Amazon account before you start connecting it with your Amazon Echo.

While Setting up an Alexa device, users follow a few simple steps on the Alexa app to connect instantly with wifi network & Amazon echo. You can add thousands of Alexa skills from the Amazon skills store to your Alexa App to increase its capabilities. You can wake up your Alexa by saying it’s wake word. It will wake up for you within a time of 1-3 seconds, depending upon your wireless network’s speed.

Alexa App is a lifeline of an Amazon Echo device, and your Echo device cannot function without its help. Similarly, the wifi network is a lifeline of your Amazon Echo App, and you cannot do anything on Echo App without the internet. So, keep these things with you to use the Alexa Application with your Amazon Echo.

How to Install Alexa App on Mac OS?

Downloading Alexa App on Mac OS is very easy. But check out a few system and app requirements before downloading an echo app on your Mac OS computer.

  • A fast and working internet connection.
  • Amazon Account for logging into the Echo App.

Download Alexa App For Mac OS

Echo App Installation on Mac Operating System

    • Launch the Safari web browser on your Mac.
    • Then type “httpss:// setup” in the address bar of your Mac’s web browser.
    • Hit the Enter button.
    • Log in to your Amazon account with the account’s login details.
    • Now, you can add new Amazon Echo devices, smart devices, add skills, and modify the settings of your Amazon Echo After connecting the Alexa web app with your Amazon Echo.

    These were the simple steps you could perform to download the Alexa application for your Mac. We suggest you check the compatibility of your Mac before accessing the Echo app on it. Otherwise, you might be stuck in the Setup process.

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FAQ on Alexa app

How much is Alexa

Amazon Alexa's voice service is free. All you got to do is to download Alexa app from Not even Amazon Echo device is necessary to use the Alexa app. Get the app and start using the free Alexa app by pressing the blue ring on the screen.

What is an Echo dot

Amazon Echo dot is having hockey puck-shaped smart speaker. Although your New Echo dot 4th gen comes in an oval shape with a ring light on the bottom. Give voice commands to Amazon Echo dot and let the Alexa personal assistant handle your queries, play news, update trends, music, weather report, and many other tasks

how to set up Alexa

For Alexa setup, download the Alexa app from Also, you can search for the Alexa app in your device store. Open the Alexa app and choose MORE>ADD DEVICE>AMAZON ECHO>ECHO. Now power on Amazon Echo device and connect the Echo to wifi. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup of your Alexa

what is Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an artificially intelligent personal assistant launched by Amazon. First developed and marketed by Amazon lap, Alexa echo can control your smart devices using itself as a complete home automation system. Amazon Echo has launched other smart speakers including Amazon Echo, Echo studio, Amazon Echo Show, Echo dot, Echo tap, Echo flex, Amazon Echo input, Echo Auto

how does Alexa work

Alexa is a cloud-based service. Powered with AI technology by Amazon it works as a smart device ecosystem. Alexa app constantly improves itself on its artificial intelligence capabilities. Alexa can perform simple queries and well versed with complex routines to give you information, entertain you, or just general assistance to you.

how to set up echo dot

Get the Alexa app from or from the app store on your device. Now login with Amazon Alexa login. Then select the devices in the lower right corner under the app. Press the plus sign to add the echo device into the app. Add device. Now connect Echo to wifi and say the 'Wake' word to wake Amazon Alexa Echo