11+ Amazing Deck Skirting Ideas to Try at Home

Deck Skirting Ideas – If you are looking for deck skirting ideas, then you have come to the right place. Decking is one of the most popular outdoor living spaces in America and it’s easy to see why.

The deck can be a beautiful space that provides a perfect setting for relaxation, reading or entertaining friends and family while enjoying the outdoors.

If you’re ready to finish your deck with beautiful wood railing and skirting, this article will show you some great options!

#1. Finished Deck Skirting

Finished Deck Skirting under the Stairs

The next deck skirt idea in our list is finishing the wood of your deck. For a dark-colored deck, finished wood will be best to hide the edges.

The deck skirting can be arranged horizontally or vertically, depending on the high/low of the deck.

The horizontal arrangement is preferable to vertical for a high deck with stairs; for decks low and close to the ground, it’s better to arrange it vertically.

#2. Wood Deck Skirting Ideas

Wood Deck Skirting Ideas

Have you considered deck skirting for a wood-railed wooden deck? Wood railing and skirting will create a lovely combination.

To add to the look, paint the railing and skirting the same color as one another.

Adding greenery to your railing and skirting will add more interest to the deck. If you choose a light brown color for both, you can also incorporate a few other greens in the mix.

#3. Split Level Deck

Split Level Deck

The best option for deck skirting is an ‘island’ styled design.

This type of skirt is painted a little darker than the rest of the deck and has attractive shapes to it, otherwise known as a cable fencing style.

The railing that spans the width of this deck is incomplete as well. All elements of the deck compliment each other well.

#4. Vertical Wood Deck Skirting

Vertical Wood Deck Skirting

The deck skirting is low, so a vertically-arranged railing would be perfect.

It is important to note the color of the skirting in the example as it matches the railing. If you have a low deck with stairs, paint them both in matching colors.

#5. Tight Fit Short Skirting

Tight Fit Short Skirting

Deck skirting can be designed in many ways. In general, deck skirting should provide good airflow under the deck and keep things out (leaves, critters, dirt, etc) from entering the space below it.

However there are exceptions to this rule.

The deck skirt pictured above is an example of a tight fit deck skirting. Tight fitting skirts are ideal for lower decks that require no ventilation and can be made waterproof, if necessary.

#6. Unfinished Deck Skirting

Unfinished Deck Skirting

Deck skirting can be unfinished. Sometimes, a lighter color deck skirt makes for an amazing look.

The contrasting colors add to the attractiveness of the overall look of your deck.

This style of deck skirting is also a good idea if you need to add an extra layer of protection for the space below your outdoor living area.

There’s plenty of ventilation in this design as there are gaps between wooden boards which allow air to move through.

#7. Stained Deck

Stained Deck skirting

We said earlier that deck skirting should be both functional and aesthetical.

This example is more on the aesthetic side of our deck skirting ideas list, contributing to your outdoor garden if you have one around your deck.

You can enhance the look of a deck by using contrasting colors for the railings and the skirting. For instance, you could use white railing with brown skirting.

The garden will have lots of bright colors to contrast with white railing and brown skirting, creating an attractive focal point.

#8. ‘Hollow’ Deck Skirting

‘Hollow’ Deck Skirting

If style is important to you, the best deck skirting design may be something like this photo example.

The hollow shape of the skirting will make it harder for people to see, making it perfect if your deck area has an interesting design.

When designing a deck, it’s important to consider the possible implications of your choice, such as whether it will be difficult for leaves and other debris to naturally fall off the backside and enter underneath.

#9. Simple Deck Skirting for High Deck

Simple Deck Skirting for High Deck

This is a simple deck skirting idea that could also work for any small space.

If you have a deck built close to the ground, or just want something simple, a simple deck skirting is still an option.

#10. Deck Skirting for High Deck

Deck Skirting for High Deck

A high deck needs additional support; you can use a deck skirting for this. If you have a woven deck, the skirting should be tighter.

#11. Back Deck Skirting

Back Deck Skirting Ideas

If you need a look for your deck skirting but want to use the same lumber that is framing your deck, try building a horizontal railing to enclose it.

The railing and skirting of this deck both lead to one another creating an all-encompassing appearance.

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