12+ Amazing Basement Stair Ideas You’ll Love

Basement Stair Ideas – Many homeowners are looking for a way to add value to their home, while also making it more safe and functional. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by utilizing your basement as living space.

If you’re considering transforming your basement into livable space, then there are many considerations that need to be made before construction can begin.

This article will provide you with some great ideas on how to make the most out of your basement stair, check it out!

Best Basement Stair Ideas

1. Basement Stairway Ideas

Basement Stairway Ideas

One of the ways to turn your basement into a light and warm place is through paint. You can use lighter colors like pink or white on the railing system.

The basement is much lighter with the combination of pink and white together. Try carpeting the floor to make the basement more cozy or add better lighting for a warmer atmosphere.

2. Wood Strips Basement Stairway

Wood Strips Basement Stairway

Minor changes can sometimes have surprising effects. For instance, wood stairs as seen in the image above provide an attractive alternative to plain old basement stairs.

The dull lighting accentuates the wood strip even further. Wooden treads and handrail will turn an ordinary, typical and boring basement stair into something extraordinary and interesting.

3. Basement Stairs with Stone Wall

Basement Stairs with Stone Wall

There are a variety of natural aesthetics you can add to your basement, such as stone decorations on the wall. A well-designed basement will give off an earthy feeling and make the space more authentic.

Want to create focus in your basement? Simply install lighting above any stone decorations and how it up. Voila! Now you have an interesting focal point with a natural feel.

The stone designs work especially well when combined with black and white stairs and wooden floors.

4. Half-open Basement Stair

Half-open Basement Stair

Want to give your basement stairway extra air? Try the half-open design like above. The handrail is still there but it stops before reaching the floor, leaving a gap between the top and bottom of the stairs.

Despite its unfinished appearance, a basement staircase like this one echoes an air of openness. It’s even more open if you use a simple handrail that can be seen through when you’re traveling up or down the steps.

5. Staircase with Stair Runner

Staircase with Stair Runner

One way to change the look of a basement staircase is by using a stair runner. The size and style you choose will greatly influence the overall appeal of your stairs.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what kind of a stair runner to use, take a look at our ideas.

6. Floating Staircase

Floating Staircase Ideas

New ideas for staircases are always being invented. An example is the ‘floating’ staircase above, which looks very unconventional and modern.

This type of staircase doesn’t have the usual shape of a traditional one; rather it has a shape that suggests the stairs are floating.

7. Basement Staircase with Glass

basement stair ideas

Although not elaborate or complicated, they are stunning due to their sharp lines and lack of colors on the wall behind them.

The glass is breathtaking from below as well with its ability to help reveal something new again and again.

8. Simple Basement Staircase

Simple Basement Staircase Ideas

If you are looking for a more simple staircase for your basement, the one pictured here is perfect.

The brown and white staircase is modest but charming. They treads blend well with the wood handrail and create an inviting atmosphere.

9. Stair Stringers

common basement design

Although stairs are the most common basement design element, this is a different design. Its stringers are cut but it lacks treads, making it great for those who like to change their look from time-to-time.

Notice how the stringers are simple, but not a disadvantage. The simplicity is useful as it allows for customization and cost-effectiveness.

10. Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase Ideas

Not all staircases need to be straight. A spiral staircase would look great in a basement.

A basement staircase is usually uniform in color and style. Use this opportunity to add your own personal touch by adding decorations such as paintings, photographs, or a window on the lower level of the house.

Since stair safety is important, make sure they are not too steep or unbalanced.

11. Glass Basement Stair Railing

Glass Basement Stair Railing

Glass is a popular option for railing on basement stairs. Glasses can offer a sleek, modern look to any room. If you want your basement to be more contemporary and elegant, consider adding glass as the railing for your staircase.

You can brighten up your basement staircase by installing lighting on each step. Wider, less intense lights are a smart choice to avoid an oppressive atmosphere.

12. DIY Basement Stair Ideas

DIY Basement Stair Ideas

Although it may be simple, this staircase is charming. Wooden treads with a dark color and walls in a neutral color will create the look for your basement stairs. Don’t forget to add white handrails as well!

Despite its simplicity, this staircase invites guests to the homey feel of the basement. And since it’s a do-it-yourself project, you and your kids can build it on your own!


Basement staircase can be a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it’s an open, modern-looking space or cozy and warm, staircases are definitely the way to go if you want your basement to feel like more of a destination than just another utility room!

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