12 Creative DIY Coat Rack Ideas You’ll Want In Your Home

DIY Coat Rack Ideas – The best coat rack ideas come from the latest trends in design and style. Many people think that they have to be limited to a standard metal coat hanger or a wooden one, but did you know that there are tons of other options?

You can use your wall as a clothes holder with hooks and cubbies, put up an umbrella stand outside for coats and umbrellas, or hang pegs on trees by the door.

With so many great styles out there, it is easy to find one that fits your personal taste!

1. DIY Industrial Coat Rack

DIY Industrial Coat Rack

Since you want your coat rack to blend in with the environment, install a hanger under a shelf.

A coat rack wall like this will not interfere with any other section of your home and provides proper storage for coats.

Unlike other decorations, the coat rack is subtle. In this instance, the wall decor brings more attention to itself and not the clothes holder.

For a simple solution that will blend in with any space use a bottom-mounted coatrack – one of the many best ideas for decorating your home or office.

2. Hanging Naturally

Hanging coat rack

If you want a truly jaw-dropping coat rack for your entrance, make it yourself. It’ll be easy!

Here you have rectangular coat rack that has a protruding hanger with branches.

This rack is simple but beautiful. Guests are bound to be impressed with the design and will always comment on how amazing it looks.

3. Entryway Coat Rack Ideas

Entryway Coat Rack Ideas

A warm welcome is something all of us want from our house guests. Why not implement the same idea in your home?

A rustic coat rack with a welcoming message would be an excellent way to remind your guest why they came to visit you.

One way to create a coat rack that is rustic in appearance and does not cost much is by using shiplap hangers.

Notice the white color of these and how they resemble a wall, which is one main characteristic of rustic decor.

4. Pallet Coat Rack

Pallet Coat Rack

Make a coat rack out of pallet boards to keep your entryway organized.

Organization is always key when it comes to kids and their clothes, but too much organization can make things just as challenging.

Consider attaching 9-10 hooks on the wall for all of your hats, and adding a second hat rack layer which hangs over the other area.

You have now found an easy way to store belongings in one place!

5. Coat Rack with Steel Hooks

Coat Rack with Steel Hooks

Some of the best coat rack ideas are DIY projects that are easy to make and can be personalized.

You only need two pallet boards, a handful of nails, and just enough hooks to do this magnetic coat rack.

6. Minimalist Coat Rack

Minimalist Coat Rack

Minimalist doesn’t always mean bland. This coat rack design here is the perfect example.

Despite a seemingly decorative design from afar, closer inspection reveals the coat rack is fully functional.

Minimalism is a popular design concept that many people want to incorporate into their home, even if they don’t own many items.

7. Standing Coat Rack

Standing Coat Rack

If you want to improve your coat rack’s functionality and modernize its look, this innovative design is perfect.

This coat rack is both wall-mounted and floor-touching. It has enough storage for more than coats, though it does provide options for hanging many winter clothing items.

You’ll struggle to accomplish these things without a coat rack stand. It is fully functional and visually pleasing in appearance.

8. Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful Coat Rack

Whether you use a hook or an ornate metal frame to hang your coats, as demonstrated in this design shown here, the rack should complement its surroundings with delicate details that achieve the focal point.

If you love subtlety, this simple and beautiful coat rack is among your best options. Add to it by placing favorite accouterments on the shelf.

9. Wooden Coat Hooks

Wooden Coat Hooks

This stylish coat rack design makes it easy for owners to hang items, while also serving as an art fixture.

Whether for decoration or to stay dry, a coat rack is an essential addition. The main drawback of an artistic design is that it may prevent the idea from being adopted if used as a coat rack.

10. Sculptural Coat Rack

Sculptural Coat Rack

Numerous coat racks are designed to look like a knot. The “knot” design is immersive and practical, as it occupies almost no space.

Whether you want an eye-catching entrance or would like to shake things up a bit, this type of coat rack is without a doubt one of the best.

The light-colored coat rack here stands out and becomes the focal point for this dark room that features a black background.

It’s also interesting to note its sheer size; it’s unusually long but still practical as it can hang plenty of coats (or jackets, sweaters, etc.).

11. Tree Branch Wall Hanger

Tree Branch Wall Hanger

A painting near the entrance is a nice decorative idea. Adding one that double as a coat rack like this would make an otherwise common decorative item much more interesting.

Look how eye-catching these coat rack branches are with a white background.

12. Tree-shaped Coat Racks

Tree-shaped Coat Racks

It may be more unusual than other coat rack ideas, but using a whole tree is just as functional.

This rack can be finished or unfinished and it will have different effects. A bare coatrack tree will look more natural, while a finish rack will look more rustic.

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