9+ Creative DVD Storage Ideas You’ll Love

DVD Storage Ideas – Do you have problems finding the DVD that you want to watch? Are your DVDs scattered all around your living room floor?

Do they take up half of your entertainment stand? If this sounds like a problem for you, then it might be time to invest in some new storage ideas.

This blog post will offer some easy and inexpensive DIY solutions that will help keep all of your favorite movies in one place!

1. Create Shelf Case

Create Shelf Case

If you love to craft or bust your chops laboring over a project that matches your decor, consider making an extra large DVD case of your own design.

Creating your own shelves for DVDs provides options in the design of the room.

There are shelves made specifically to hold DVDs that have space on both sides, while other shelving has a narrower width that doesn’t allow you to put more than one DVD side by side without taking up an entire shelf width.

2. Use a Drawer or a Basket

DVD Storage Ideas

If you happen to have a lot of baskets that are not being used, use these instead as DVD storage.

The slips or sleeves will help keep your DVDs organized and in one place–unlike the bulky case.

Baskets are a lovely way to organize DVDs. They can be painted or adorned with stickers, bows, and other decorations.

3. Create Floating DVD Shelf

Create floating DVD shelf in the wall

If you are short on wall space, consider a floating DVD shelf. These shelves take up minimal space and can fit in small spaces such as a narrow wall between two doors.

Not only will DVD storage help you store your collections, it also can make a unique decoration in the room of your home.

4. DVD Shelf on The Back Door

Create DVD shelf on the back door

If you have a collection of DVDs that you would prefer to keep out of sight, you may be able to build your own shelf on the back of your closet door.

Instead of securing the DVD storage shelves to your wall on a lower level, initiate building sets which can be placed under a door that’s made out of wood.

This way is much more convenient and doesn’t require much effort.

5. DVD Storage Under TV

Dvd Storage Under TV

Storing DVDs is a difficult task in any room, but with an over-the-shelf storage option you can not only save space it your home but also save money.

This allows you to easily access your DVDs when you want to select which movie to watch. If necessary, the location of the television and DVD are close so that it is easy to use.

6. Shaped DVD Rack

Shaped DVD Rack

Maintaining a balanced look in your home is essential when planning DVD storage.

Plan wisely and avoid making your storage seem too overbearing within the room’s design and other furniture.

7. Entertainment DVD Storage Ideas

Entertainment DVD Storage Ideas

If space is an issue in your home, you can purchase or design a rack to store all of your DVDs.

For those looking to save space in their house, a good idea is the simple design of a DVD storage unit. The pole design allows you to store more DVDs without taking up much room.

8. Black DVD Storage Ideas

DIY dvd storage

You are able to choose storage for clothes to save your collections of DVDs. The storage for clothes is able to save more DVDs.

9. DVD Storage Ideas for Living Room

DVD Storage Ideas for Living Room

If you need a shelf to display your DVDs in the living room, built-in shelves could be ideal for this. There are many different types and designs of these shelves that you can choose from.

DVDs come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Wooden DVD storage is popular for its warm look and feel that fits into a variety of spaces.

The wood’s natural colour will make a warm looking storage solution. However you need to treat it regularly, or the wood will rot and disintegrate over time.

A DVD shelf may be best placed above the sofa in your living room, for example.

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