15 Creative Hidden Door Ideas to Make Your Home More Fun

Hidden Door Ideas – The hidden door is a great way to make your home seem larger than it really is, and can be used in many creative ways.

In this blog post, we will discuss clever ideas for you to consider if you are considering installing a hidden door!

1. Behind the Bookshelf

Behind the Bookshelf Ideas

Next in line on our list of hidden room ideas is a door to a secret space often concealed behind an ordinary bookshelf. The bookshelf looks just like any other, but it opens when pushed.

Door hidden behind a bookshelf is more believable. The books are stacked high enough to obscure the door and fool most people into thinking it’s just an ordinary bookshelf.

2. Hidden Door with Storage

Hidden Door with Storage Ideas

Hidden doors are a beautiful staple for any home. However, not everyone has the luxury of one.

What if you have an unfinished cabinet like the above? There’s still hope! Creating a passing present is possible even with what you’ve got.

Hidden doors are a simple way to gain more storage space inside your home.

As we tend to look only at the objects in front of us, an ordinary door would be unnoticed; hiding it behind or under another object would make it difficult for people to find and use as they like.

3. Hidden Passage in the Basement

Hidden Passage in the Basement Ideas

You can create a hidden door in various places around your home or office.

For instance, you could install one just under the stairs near the basement and cover it with carpeting and bookshelves so that no one will know there is a secret passage to another part of the house.

If you’re going to build an undetectable hidden room, install a rotatable bookcase cabinet.

The bookshelf will also be a door into the room. If you shoot for seamless-looking doors (to have more plausible deniability), then install framed panels that match and blend in with the storage units.

4. Stone Hidden Door

Stone Hidden Door Ideas

Unlike the first two hidden door ideas, you need to be more elaborate with a stone door.

Make sure that the secret door has the same look and texture as well as width and height of the wall.

Notice how the stone door would be invisible when closed, it’s a very clever design! To create this effect yourself, pay close attention to detail.

5. Wood Wall Hidden Door Ideas

Wood Wall Hidden Door Ideas

A wall constructed of wood panels can make a great hidden door, as well.

Although they are not always functional like cabinets or bookshelves, they provide the opportunity to be completely invisible.

The best doorway ideas for an undetectable door are ones that blend completely in with the walls.

Our wooden panels hide the entrance to our room- secret and amaze your guests.

6. Cabinet Hidden Door

Cabinet Hidden Door Design

With this hidden door, the similarities lie in its small size.

While smaller doors are sometimes easier to hide than large ones, efficient disguise is necessary regardless of door size.

One way to turn a small hidden door into something more interesting is to assemble it as a makeshift cabinet with some decor.

7. Hidden Man Cave

Hidden Man Cave Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a large room, it will take an oversized door to enter in and out.

Hide the door on your secret room by turning it into something else. This way, nobody will guess there’s a hidden entrance just behind the large shelves.

This is one of the best ideas for hiding a door if you want to hidden room, you could create a large-scale hidden area.

Replace the door with huge shelves that show off your favorite items. Such an idea would be one of the best for disguising doors in a home.

8. Basement Hidden Storage

Basement Hidden Storage Ideas

Wooden doors are a common choice for hidden sliding door ideas because the frames often made of wood as well.

This door blends into the wall when closed, providing a whole bookcase effect.

Hidden doors in a barn are not always as obvious due to the form of its construction. Our hidden door ideas will give you more details on how they can improve your home’s design!

9. Elegant Hidden Door

Elegant Hidden Door Ideas

One of the simplest doors to conceal is a painted one, especially if you choose an elegant design like this. The vertical lines give it an interesting texture and the dark color doesn‚t show any dirt or wear easily.

This all-black door will serve you well as a hidden door. It’s an elegant option for someone simple looking to hide a room while still maintaining some style.

10. Secret Door Ideas

Best Secret Door Ideas

When you are considering a hidden door, there is no limit when it comes to which part of your house that you could put one.

That’s right. You can create it in your living room, under the stairs, in a hallway, in the basement and even in an attic space. It all depends on if you have enough room available for installation.

This is a good example of what an attic hidden door looks like. Notice how it’s minimalist and quite small. A hidden door in the attic is ideal for a book nook because there are no books on the shelves to restrict space.

11. Modern Flush Door

Modern Flush Door Design

A seamless door can make a room seem like it is not even there. With the right wall and texture, the door will be unnoticeable from any angle when shutting it completely.

One of the most exciting and dramatic ways to conceal entrance through a wall is by using patterns and texture.

A beautiful example can be found in the kitchen below, created with wood paneling that features textured details.

12. Painting Hidden Door

Painting Hidden Door Concept

Unlike the other hidden door ideas on this list, a painting hidden door is made to appear as if it was just an attached painting.

When people see the painting, they will not know it is really a door without being fully opened.

13. Hidden Door with Wallpaper

Hidden Door with Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper may not be the perfect option for all, but if you don’t like wall paneling there are other options.

For example, you could create a hidden door through the use of wallpaper as shown above.

This is a great option for those of you who are looking to add some special detail to your space.

Simply change the wallpaper accoding to your mood and endless options are available!

15. A Pair of Hidden Doors

hidden door design

One of the best ways to divide a room that has multiple purposes is with hidden doors. There are two doors on this list and they offer many different benefits.

One door hides the secret compartment, but when opened it reveals what’s inside.

The other doesn’t hide any floor space at all; instead, one door covers the opening to the closet and the other covers the opening to a hidden room.

Also pay attention to the texture and patterns of 2 panel wood closet doors.


Hidden doors are a great way to divide your space and add some special detail at the same time.

They can be used for both dividing floorspace or as secret compartments; either option offers many benefits. Either of these two hidden door ideas is perfect for any home!

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